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Today I’m going to discuss about torrent; without using any torrent client. I know some of people use torrent clients like Bittorrent or Utorrent but if you are in a place where the internet connection is protected by a proxy server or some other means you are unable to do torrent files download. If you aren’t able to using those clients so this blog is for you. So without wasting your time let’s get right into it.

The awesome method I would suggest which is seedr is an extra-ordinary website, which is free come paid website. Usually you would get around 2GB free storage

they also have paid plans . checkout on their website

Its the front interface. This website is used to convert torrent links into direct download links so that you could just directly download them without using any torrent clients so firstly what you need to do is you need to paste the torrent URL right here… its having mobile friendly interface

Most loving part is downloads any link in their server with in minutes. which is extremely fast
Highly Recommend

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